Watch: Ashneer Grover's funny 'rich vs middle-class' banter is unmissable

In the video, Grover can be seen playing the role of a rich person and Shubham Gaur embodies the average middle-class Indian
Co-founder of BharatPe and Shark Tank judge Ashneer Grover recently starred in a video with content creator and comedian Shubham Gaur, where the two tried to show the difference between how rich people and middle-class people give directions.
In the video, Grover can be seen playing the role of a rich person and Gaur embodies the average middle-class Indian.
While driving a car, Gaur asks Grover the direction to reach the latter’s home. “I have almost reached. Tell me where to come,” he asks, to which Grover replies: “Bring your car in the service lane. My guard will be outside. Ask him, he will park your car.” Grover then asks: “This person wearing a Gucci T-shirt is your guard?”
“He sweeps inside, guard is a different person. Once you park inside, my Maybach is parked too. It’s a bit long, cross it and come. There’s a Porsche parked behind it. On the right of the Porsche, there is a personal lift, a private lift. It opens at my front door. Come and ring the doorbell,” Grover replies.
The video then cuts to Gaur who is speaking to another friend over a call.
“Yes you have to take a left from the roundabout. Yes, foreigner, the road on which the dog has defecated. Yes, you must drive down the battered road. Come in, there’s plenty of parking space. I’ll make sure you get a spot to park,” says Gaur.
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At this point, comic Saloni Gaur makes an appearance, and asks: “You’ve asked someone to bring the car into the lane again? Our neighbours will create an issue now.”
Shubham replied: “He’s in a cycle,” to which she says: “Then it’s ok.”
The caption of the video read, “Apne ghar ke pas ka landmark batao guys (Let me know about the landmark near your homes guys).” He added the hashtags–Shubham Gaur, Ashneer Grover, Shark Tank India, directions, rich, middle class, reely funny, feel it reel it and feel karo reel karo.
Social media users had a field day with this video.
One person wrote:“The OG himself,” with heart-eye emojis.
“Bhai relatable hai ye to (This is relatable bro),” wrote another person.
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