‘Lighting in Everything’: Imran Khan's viral video has a lesson on videography. Watch here

  • It seems netizens cannot get enough of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan’s take on videography before a one-hour interview telecast on HUM news on 4 May.

“Lighting is everything”. A purported video clip of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister and cricketer turned politician Imran Khan has gone viral all over social media.
The video clip has Khan saying “lighting is everything’ before he starts an interview. Shared on Twitter by Pakistan-based journalists, this quote is now the newest in trend caption over social media.
Read below to know why
It seems netizens cannot get enough of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan‘s take on photography before a one-hour interview telecast on HUM news on 4 May.
See the video here
اے آر وائی کی لائٹنگ اف 😍😍
شان بیچارے کا انٹرویو ایسے لگ رہا تھا بس پر بیٹھے ہیں۔۔
دیکھو سب کھیل لائیٹنگ کا ہوتا ہے ۔۔
پاڈ کاسٹ کے سوال ۔۔ ویری بیڈ۔۔
As is being understood, Imran Khan was preparing for a speech, when he talked about some of the interviews and their visual output. Mentioning his interview with Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid on HUM News, Imran Khan expressed his opinion that he did not like the lighting of the interview.
The former Prime Minister urged the technicians to check everything and make him “look professional”. “Shaan’s one was very bad. The photography was bad,” he said.
“See, lighting is everything. If the lighting is not right…” Imran Khan said as he was interrupted by a question from a member of the team. Then he says, “So, where should I start’ visibly preparing for his speech.
Netizens have found the ‘lighting is everything’ comment hilarious.
Some said,” We learnt from Will Durant, “…. but perspective is everything”. However, they told us now, “lighting is everything”.
We learnt from Will Durant, "…. but perspective is everything". However, they told us now,"lighting is everything". https://t.co/kUdo8AOdpz
One netizen took a rather sarcastic route and ‘Googled’ Khan’s statement only to get lessoned on photography.
IK got it right again, like always. Just Google it.
Lighting is key in Photography/ Videography.
One must enjoy his honest opinion. @ImranKhanPTI @fawadchaudhry @SHABAZGIL @Asad_Umar @ImranRiazKhan @MashwaniAzhar pic.twitter.com/pua4jys8cB
Some netizens even brought in the classic debate of editing skin colour on fashion photographs to made them look ‘fairer’ , again with the ‘lighting is everything caption’
Lighting is everything-Imran Khan (2022) https://t.co/JQAIjA5LDM
Well maybe ‘Shaan’ wasn’t aware of the importance of lighting in well, Everything!
Meanwhile, the interview that he referred to, the lighting of which was apparently bad, was a one-hour interview of the former prime minister telecast on HUM news on May 4. In the interview, Imran Khan talked about politics, opposition, family, children, wife Bushra Bibi etc.
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