Haryana govt approves new excise policy. Details here

  • In the new policy the import duty on wine was slashed from 7 to 2 per bulk litre.

Haryana government on Friday approved a new exercise policy for the financial year 2022-23, under which the liquor vends shall be auctioned through e-tender of retail zones (comprising of maximum 4 retail shops).
The permission of operation in additional shifts to manufactories would be granted on annual basis as against quarterly basis presently. Besides this, the power to renew licence and grant additional points in existing bars has been delegated to the DETCs. Also, the approval of new labels/brands will be done online.
In the new policy the import duty on wine was slashed from 7 to 2 per bulk litre. The Letter of Intent fee for establishing wine manufactory was also slashed down from 15 lakh to 1 lakh. Further, there would be no increase in the f bar licence fee.
In addition, Morni, a tourist destination in the hills of the Panchkula district, has been added in the list of places where bar licencees can be granted to promote tourism and adventure sport. Bars and clubs located anywhere in the state can now seek bar licence.
Bars and retail vends can now have the flexibility to operate longer after payment of additional fees. The basic quota of country liquor and IMFL will be 1100 lakh proof litre and 650 lakh proof litre respectively, which is around 4% higher than last year.
Besides this, there would be no fixed quota of country liquor allotted to distilleries so the licences will have full freedom to choose brands of any distillery. There would be a marginal increase in the licence fee of wholesale licences of country liquor and IMFL.
There is no change in the minimum retail sale price of most brands of country liquor and IMFS
In the new policy, there is no change in the minimum retail sale price of most brands of country liquor and IMFS except Metro liquor where there is a marginal increase.
The Sale of IMFL brands of Ex Distillery Issue Price (EDP) lesser than 1,050 per case will not be allowed as against 950 till date to ensure that quality improves, according to an official statement
“The licence fee for wholesale of distillers, non-distillers and breweries has been rationalized so that the wholesalers of brands having lesser sale volume will get their licences at a reduced licence fee,” the statement noted.
“Also, there will be no increase in Excise Duty of most IMFL brands. Rather IMFL brands above 5,000 per case shall attract slightly lesser excise duty in order to ward off the challenge coming from a neighbouring state,” it added.
Excise duty of Whisky and Wine reduced
In order to ward off any possibility of in-flow of imported foreign liquor from one of the neighbouring states, excise duty of Whisky and Wine was reduced from 225 per PL/BL to 75 per PL/BL. Similarly, the assessment fee for supplies to Bars has also been reduced.
Futher, the VAT on imported foreign liquor slashed down from 10% to 3% and reduced from 13-14% to 12% in case of Country Liquor, Wine, Beer and IMFL, etc.
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