Amazon driver's message for 8 yr-old girl with cancer earns praise from Jeff Bezos. Read here

  • Amazon is praying 4 Aubrey luv you!: Asani Anderson’s message read

An Amazon Delivery partner has won hearts for  his kind message to an 8-year old Lakeland girl who is battling cancer. 
Asani Anderson, an Amazon driver, left a message for 8 year old Aubrey Hope Hutson in chalk for their on their house’s entrance. Hutson has been diagnosed with a rare type of stage IV cancer that affects the soft tissue of the body. 
Anderson has been dropping off several packages from Hutson’s Amazon wishlist at her home, reported
On 4 May, Anderson also left a special message for the eight-year-old girl while dropping off packages.
“Amazon is praying 4 Aubrey luv you!” the message read. This message of kindness also received applause and support from Amazon boss Jeff Bezos who mentioned it on his Instagram profile. 
Aubrey’s mom Lindsey Hutson says she was left in tears when she found the message. She posted security footage of Anderson writing the message on Facebook, where it has racked up thousands of views.
“I yelled thank you, and he said I’m not amazing Aubrey is amazing,” Lindsey Hutson told WFLA. “There’s nothing glamorous about it, but when this happens and when people reach out on social media it’s making it so much easier.”
Asani Anderson also received a shout-out from Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. “Kindness makes our world better. Asani Anderson embodies it,” Bezos wrote on Instagram Stories. He added a message for Aubrey: “Sending love and prayers to Aubrey.”
Aubrey was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that affects soft tissues, last year. “She’s amazing. She just finished her 77th hard chemo and has radiation rounds 34-44 coming up next week and 6 months of maintenance,” Lindsey said.
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